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Senior Wellness Means Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul in These Communities

Access to high-quality medical care can frequently make the difference between living and living well. That is why Living Well Assisted Living provides a range of individualized healthcare and senior living support services. Our on-site therapy services in our community rehabilitation gyms enable people to heal and receive high-quality treatment in convenient, familiar settings without transferring to an acute-care facility. Virginia Beach residents enjoy programs, classes, and facilities that make a life well in retirement. Living Well Assisted Living has an on-site wellness center with a regular rotation of top doctors from Virginia Beach so our residents can receive care without leaving the facility. The programs we offer for our active senior residents are made to connect people, build relationships, and support one another.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is the foundation of good health. As part of the daily services at our active assisted living home in Virginia Beach, our caring and competent staff provides a range of services to maintain the physical wellness of each of our residents. Exercise is a key component in maintaining physical health, stimulating blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, and keeping muscles, bones, and joints strong and flexible. We provide a virtual senior fitness class to keep our Virginia Beach residents active and moving, and we encourage regular walks outdoors in our beautiful and spacious backyard

physical wellness

Living Well Means Healthy Living!

The Pleasure of Staying Healthy

Our active assisted living home in Virginia Beach is committed to providing every possible service to ensure the physical wellness of our residents, because we genuinely care. If you have questions about our physical wellness services, reach out to us today!

Physical Wellness Tip #1

Be sure to lift weights almost every day to help keep and build muscles within your body. This will help you to stay mobile and functional.

Physical Wellness Tip #2

Make sure your diet is more protein targeted, as this will help you maintain your muscles and help them not to atrophy. Eating mainly protein will also help you to lose fat, making you feel more energetic and happier.

Physical Wellness Tip #3

Stretch often to help keep your joints limber and loose. This will help you be more functional and mobile, decreasing the amount of injuries you might have per year.

How We Help Our Residents Stay Fit

Proper nutrition is also a crucial part of physical wellness, that’s why, in addition to the senior fitness classes we offer, we prepare healthy meals daily, using organic ingredients and plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. That way, each meal is both delicious and nutritious. Medication supervision is also an important part of our physical wellness services, to ensure our residents are taking their prescribed medications in the proper dosage and at the correct times. As a leading active assisted living home in Virginia Beach, we also use CarePredict technology to assist in our wellness monitoring. Our housekeeping staff uses Shaklee cleaning and laundry products, environmentally friendly products that contain no harmful chemicals, which helps to minimize any allergic sensitivities our residents may have. Bidet seats are installed on all toilets for ultimate cleanliness, and our indoor air is purified with a probiotic air system.