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Make Your Life More Fulfilling, Joyful, And Peaceful!

By coordinating our residents’ values and behaviors, connecting to their purpose, and discovering meaning in life, we hope to holistically engage and nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Regardless of the residents’ beliefs, our spiritual care directors foster a caring human connection through leading religious services, meditation, discussion groups, offering advice to people, or just listening. Additionally, our care coordination program collaborates with nearby religious congregations and dioceses to guarantee that our community members can access long-term spiritual and wellness services. We offer spiritual activities in Virginia Beach for seniors to explore and develop each resident’s spirit and purpose and give each day more significance.

Spiritual Wellness

Having faith and believing in a higher power gives people hope. At our retirement home in Virginia Beach, we recognize the importance of maintaining the presence and connection to a higher entity in daily life. As such, we support each of our resident’s spiritual rights and their choice to worship. Additionally, we welcome ecumenical visits from our resident’s place of worship. To support a resident’s desire for spiritual growth and maintain the strength, support, comfort and hope their faith provides, our Virginia Beach facility’s amenities include a safe environment in which all residents can study and worship. For residents who wish to participate, our daily prayer session are enlightening….and spirit. We support each of our resident’s spiritual wellness as we understand it provides the guidance, comfort and strength to help in daily life.

spiritual wellness

Living Well Means Healthy Living!

The Pleasure of Being In Tune

Maintaining a healthy relationship with one’s spiritual side can be a source of great comfort and joy, and as such we encourage our Virginia Beach retirement home residents to do just that. If you have questions about our Bible study program or spiritual wellness services, please reach out to us today!

Spiritual Wellness Tip #1

Join a Bible study or similar spiritual group to stay connected and make new like-minded friends. This will help you have a group of similar people that you can get along with.

Spiritual Wellness Tip #2

Get in the habit of reading your Bible or a spiritual text daily. This can help you affirm your beliefs and make you feel less stressed and more positive.

Spiritual Wellness Tip #3

Be sure to do some meditation to reset your thinking and lower your overall stress. Meditation is a great way to keep both your mind and body healthy.

We Help Our Residents Stay Grounded

Our Virginia Beach facility’s amenities include Bible studies, prayer sessions, and many other enriching spiritual activities. These services are open to any of our residents who wish to participate, and participation is entirely optional. We understand that people come from many different faiths and backgrounds, and not everyone’s beliefs are the same. Our retirement home in Virginia Beach respects the preferences of our residents, and will never require participation in our spiritual wellness activities. We have found that many of our residents do enjoy the opportunity to engage in our Bible study program and prayer sessions, so we want to provide this service for those who wish to participate.